Romanticizing the Colonial Gorgeous Conversion

The original builders quality spec colonial had owners looking for something better. The hope was to get the garage doors facing the side of the home instead of the street, to gain a mudroom, add to the Kitchen, to achieve an office, to create an entire new look on the street, and wind up with a new master suite over the garage. We first tackled the Kitchen with an addition to the rear of the house. A pantry was added and a simple shed roof covered the addition. With this under our belts, we took on the rest of the improvements.

A two story bay was put on the front of the house and to the right of this a new entry to the mudroom created. The garage was slid to the right and the doors shifted to the side of the house. And for good measure, a gazebo was placed on the end of a new front porch. Hard to find the original in the finished product.

Colonial Gorgeous Conversion OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA romanticizing-the-colonial-gorgeous-conversion-03 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA