Booths in the House Kitchen

At restaurants, many like booths.  Some say it is the mouse in us liking to hug the perimeter.  In Ireland, the pubs are famous for the small nooks and crannies and booths that allow a personal conversation where one can hear the other and explore away in good cheer.  One thing to know is that booths are also very efficient space wise.  With the standard back to back of 6 feet and 4 foot width for four people or 6 foot width for 6 people, booths take up less space than a table with the floor space around would typically need.   Sometimes I tuck booths in to kitchens in houses I design.  Going into a corner is good since it wipes out the standard inefficient corner cabinets that wind up with some unusable space.  Sometimes I use booths for space efficiency, sometimes for creating of an intimate nook, sometimes for fun.  Below is a picture of a kitchen under construction with a corner booth.