Paddle Boarded to Two Projects on Lake Wentworth

     My wife and I tried ballroom dancing a few years ago as something to do.  That didn’t work out too well and she likes to lead.  Erin loves downhill skiing and paddle boarding.  We already do downhill skiing and were adaptive ski instructors for years.  I thought paddle boarding might be something we could do together as well.  I’ve tried a few times to like paddle boarding without success.  The first couple of times were on busy waterways with cheap boards.  Yesterday I tried her board on Lake Wentworth and it was better.  Still getting used to it but I was able yesterday to paddle for quite a ways.  I went to one ongoing client’s project and was able to say hi to them as they were hanging out by the dock.  Even got some direction on how to adjust the layout of a corridor in the now third project at their home we are in the design phase on.  I then thought it would be fun to paddle to another client’s house and did.  No time was wasted on today Erin has already purchased me my own paddle board that will allow me to see more projects from the water side of life.