Serving You

If I may participate with you in creating a new or redo building or home, here is how I help. The “Common Solution” process that I’ve developed works well with people in agreement and people at odds. Please don’t feel like you need to organize things.

Tony Fallon Architect Doodles

With the Common Solution process, I first seek to gather needs, wants, and constraints from as many people as I can that will be part of the place. I seek to gain source information from each, to the degree I can, versus getting reports from others on what others want. This allows us to come forward with solutions good for all in common. What are the setbacks? What is the budget? What is the timeframe? What are the styles? What are the finishes? What is the lighting? What is the heat? Is there air conditioning? How big? How many and what types of rooms and spaces? Who needs to be next to who and what? What type of flow? What is the Zoning? Is it in the Shoreland Zone?

After all the input is gathered, I distill things and begin to create options for you to consider a bit akin to a restaurant menu. I’ll also do a code review at this point to guide the designs to stay within the code parameters. We keep cycling through these options until arriving at one that all like. The options are presented in plans with square footages & room sizes illustrated, elevations, and 3d computer models as well as the occasional hand drawn sketch or plan. I still use pens!

The selected option is then clarified in construction drawings that allow for both pricing from construction companies and building permits to be obtained. Depending on how detailed you would like this picture, I can provide details, sections, plans, elevations, finish schedules, and specifications. I can bring in and coordinate with engineers and other consultants as well as organize the bidding. Once under construction is underway, I can visit the site periodically and double check that things are being built per your intent, in compliance, and that the invoices align with progress.

Tracking the amount of money requested versus the amount of work accomplished is another service that I can provide. Also at this time I would be asking for certificates of insurance from contractors and subcontractors as well as lien waivers to be sure that the subcontractors are both insured and paid as the work progresses. Also during construction I can issue clarification drawings and keep minutes of meetings with owner and construction company. We can discuss if you would like to engage me for all or some of these services.

And, when it is all finished and you enjoy, move in, and celebrate!