About Tony

In 1992, I started Tony Fallon Architecture with the mission of “Composure for your space.” Composure consists of arranging and rearranging things until they are beautiful, practical, and optimal. Often, too little time is taken and a lot of expensive, well composed items that go into a building are only compiled haphazsardly instead of composed beautifully. Much better to join with an Architect and team up to compose an enjoyable place that flows well, looks good, and lasts overall.

Since the launch of my business with an oceanfront home in Hampton, New Hampshire, the composures I’ve participated with have included many waterfront homes, the Seacoast Repertory Theater, The Ogunquit Playhouse, Port City Air, CAVA Building and Restaurant in Portsmouth, Studley Home in Rochester, Carriage Hill Assisted Care in Madbury, Mad River Housing in Farmington, Holy Rosary Church Additions, First Congregational Church of Ossipee addition, the Strafford Town Hall, Lighthouse Physical Therapy tenant improvement, Middleton Chiropractic in Dover, Garwoods Kitchen expansion in Wolfeboro, the Middleton Resort in Middleton, New Hampshire, Next Level Church in Pembroke, New Hampshire, White Horse Recovery in Ossipee & North Conway, New Hampshire, Pachanga Mexican Restaurant at Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, and Northwoods Brewery in Northwood, New Hampshire.

You can see my project portfolio here.

In addition to Architecture, I have been involved with volunteering with adaptive skiing and White Horse Recovery.  We partner with Isaiah House in Willisburg, Kentucky and help contribute to better odds of long term sobriety.  Instead of the typical 30% chance of staying sober long term, our approach gains 60% to 90% long term sobriety with the faith based component.  We also do mental health counseling and all services are “regardless of ability to pay.”  If you know of anyone wanting to help with time and/or money with an effective push back against addiction and positive path for mental health, please have them contact me or White Horse Recovery.

New England is a lovely place to design buildings with our rich history and beautiful Architecture in Classical, Georgian, and Colonial rhythms along with the whimsical Shingle Style. Buildings are the clothing we all share and here we are blessed with a rich fabric.

In addition to client projects, one of my favorite causes has been helping to save the Wentworth By the Sea Hotel. In 1996, when the drumbeat was on to tear down the historic hotel, I assisted The Friends of the Wentworth by hand-sketching the hotel I remember visiting as a child.  The sketch was printed on greeting cards and sold in a fundraiser to help save the hotel. It is now the only sketch from recent times that made it into the book, Wentworth by the Sea: The Life and Times of a Grand Hotel. Additionally, I penned letters to the editor in favor of saving the hotel and dedicated one of the annual AIA awards banquets to the Wentworth. In the end, it was saved through the efforts of many, and was named the Marriott hotel of the year for both highest occupancy and best food. It remains today a vibrant landmark.

Prior to starting my own business, I worked at Schoonmaker Architects in Durham, New Hampshire; Jeter, Cook, & Jepson in Hartford, Connecticut focusing on high-rises; Burt Hill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania working on larger projects for Mellon Bank and a seven-story YMCA; and began my career designing affordable housing projects in Troy, New York.
Tony Fallon Architect Doodad

My love for architecture began at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, New York, where I had the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in the School of Architecture at University College Dublin, Ireland.  I also visited classmates on exchanges in Italy and Copenhagen at the Easter break and almost met my wife who was on an exchange to England.  During Easter she visited her cousin at 190 South Circular Road in Dublin across the road from my apartment at 191 South Circular Road.  We met 6 months later back in Troy, New York.  Also, while in Ireland, I spent the Summer working as a laborer and studied Gaelic.  I thought for a long time that The Duomo in Florence was the most beautiful building on earth and that Capri was the most amazing environ although everywhere is beautiful if you look around.

I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and lived there until the age of 7. I grew up in Butler, Pennsylvania, the oldest of six children to very devoted and loving parents, Bob and Mimi. I attended Catholic grade school and public high school. My activities were hockey, tennis, and sailing. In the summers, I worked at the family drugstore in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, for my Uncle James who always wore a bow tie. I don the same special knot in his honor.

I have been married to my wife, Erin, since 1981 and have three children whom are all sparkly people. I am grateful for, and love, my family, my God, and The United States of America.  I Love sharing the Good News of God’s Love for each and every person.  I’ve taken a swipe at a fresh packaging of The Good News:  LLJJ, Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus.  When our oldest was 14, my wife announced that we had to see if the kids liked skiing and they did.  With the onset of an empty nest, we joined the Gunstock Adaptive program to assist people with challenges getting out to enjoy physical activity and fun.  I have gotten back into both sailing hobie cats, playing ice hockey, and am active in church.

Architecture is the act of composing the built environment. I do “The Way” design in lieu of feng shui. IE, I say my daily prayers and seek help from the Creator of Creation in creating compositions for you. My style is your style. If you look at the various projects you will see quite a range of styles. This is a reflection of my customers. My goal is to be a “good enabler” for you in achieving what you are after as opposed to stamping out things that vary slightly from my standard look. Together we have fun gaining the look you like for your beautifully composed space.