On Friday, August 21st we moved to 49 Center Street in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, a storybook 1860 brick colonial with a wood ell on the rear on an acre of land in the center of town.  I had worked with the wife of the couple selling, Julie Fergus, for years on various homes in the area.  Julie does interior design and had used this building for her office and an antique shop, for 15 years.  For the last 5 they had rented the entire home out as a vacation rental.  I had always loved the house.  Erin loves the house and location 22 tons too.   We were contemplating moving to a place we could walk around some more, and so when this popped up we explored and wound up here.  We attend Saint Katherine Drexel parish already so we have lots of friends in town from that and my work around here.  We are close to the Cotton Valley Trail, an old railroad bed that goes into the business heart of town and out to Wakefield on Route 16.  We are bringing back to life a former basement apartment and have the restaurant operator next door as our first tenant.  There are some other projects afoot too.  Plenty to do and plenty to enjoy.  Humbled to be caretakers of such a treasure.  Daunting in many ways but feeling, and flowing with, the Hand of God.  Thanks Jesus, God, and Holy Spirit.  There are some old pictures from previous families and we are taking some too.  We like it and Rafferty likes it here too.

Being here brings me closer to White Horse Recovery , an addiction recovery and mental health resource that provides services regardless of ability to pay.  It will help to be closer to this good organization as I am a board member.  We are in our annual fund reach and have a target of 500,000 dollars.  Happy to talk about that if you wish to oar in for a highly effective response to a tough challenge.  Also, of course, if you know of someone in need, please avail.  (603) 651-1441‬ is their number and is the website.