Workforce Homes on a Courtyard

My first three years out of college saw me designing a number of workforce housing projects. I was working for a non profit Architectural firm doing a large scattered site one. We renovated older homes and had some new ones to place into some vacant lots over a 4 block area. It was a number of years before getting to do a similar thing. A few years ago I did a small 4 unit renovation in Dover for the Housing Partnership across the street from the Dover Chamber of Commerce building. A year or so later they had me work with them on doing another scattered site project. This time most of the units were new and at the main site we came up with the idea to have a central courtyard onto which the homes faced with all the parking to the rear. On one side of this courtyard were 6 townhouses with three bedrooms each with a laundry at the end of the row. On the other side of the courtyard there were two buildings with each one having a full scale handicap A unit with three bedrooms on the First Floor and two two bedroom units over on the Second Floor. The fronts of these two buildings were set up to appear like another 6 townhouses. All of these units had front porches. On the other site we just did two of the townhouses and fixed up an existing older home. I like the word home better than housing.

Workforce Homes on Courtyard workforce-homes-on-a-courtyard-04 workforce-homes-on-a-courtyard-03 workforce-homes-on-a-courtyard-02 workforce-homes-on-a-courtyard-01