Oceanfront Home with large Wraparound Porch

Fun with classic forms and geometries is the heart of this oceanfront with a generous wrap around porch.  To achieve the 45 degree pitch on the roof, and allow the diamond windows, a creative roof and roof structure was devised.  A reverse hip roof in copper signals the main entry.  Once inside, an Escher like stair wanders up through the house with two landings between every floor.  A fireplace opens into both Kitchen and Living with great stone work in this spacious and graceful home.  The diamond windows seem to tumble to square and back again.  Recessing the decorative garage doors affords extra protection without adding roofs.

oceanfront-home-big-wraparound-porch-01oceanfront-home-big-wraparound-porch-02oceanfront-home-big-wraparound-porch-03oceanfront-home-big-wraparound-porch-04oceanfront-home-big-wraparound-porch-05 oceanfront-home-big-wraparound-porch-06