Shingle Style Oceanfront Home with Hips

A shingle style oceanfront home with which this business was launched has bedrooms that move out over the porch roofs.  A playful meandering of roofs and windows shelter the four upstairs bedrooms and a large Living/Kitchen/Dining.  On the roadside is a small den with fireplace and an airlock entry.  The railings are a take on the classic design of flat stock with a shaped edge.

Oceanfront-Shingle-Style-Clipped-Hips-01-Oceanfront-Shingle-Style-Clipped-Hips-02Oceanfront-Shingle-Style-Clipped-Hips-03Oceanfront-Shingle-Style-Clipped-Hips-04 Oceanfront-Shingle-Style-Clipped-Hips-05