Warm Walls Going Up

At Brackett Road in Rye the First Floor Deck is up and the First Floor Walls are there too.  We are using Zip R Sheathing for the Walls and Atlas Roof Panels with 1 inch and 3 inch foam respectively.  This will deliver a goodly break to the 25% of wall and roof framing that provides cold bridges in the thermal insulation systems.  The codes are encouraging this “continuous insulation” approach and this is home is ahead of the curve.  The entire roof plane will be insulated as well as the full foundation wall and under the slab.  This full perimeter in section insulation approach lessens occurrence of mold and mildew and knocks out problems of dew forming in Heating and Air Conditioning ducts and units.  All of the Heating and Air Conditioning as well as all systems are in conditioned space by insulating the full perimeter in section.