New Home on Brackett Road in Rye, New Hampshire

In the digital model section, there are a couple of new movies from a project that is currently going through the design phase.  The owners have lived in New England at various times and are going to build a retirement home a half a mile from the beach in Rye, New Hampshire.  One movie shows the inside views for the home.  If you are looking at this you may want to grab the slide bar instead of just hitting the play button so it doesn’t go too fast for you.

For many of my projects I am now rendering the inside and providing views of the inside.  I usually provide 30 or 40 inside views but I thought on this one it might be fun to hook them together into an inside movie.

The other thing that was fun with his project is that the owners are from Texas.  I’ve worked with clients from afar many times.  One couple was from Hong Kong and we added onto their home in Wolfeboro.  One was from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and I designed a home for them in Alton, New Hampshire.  A recent couple was from Arizona for whom I designed a home in Strafford, New Hampshire.  I am able with movies, views, and pdf drawings to work through the design process remotely with the clients.

For this home though, I thought it would be fun and fruitful to do some face to face.  So I bought some tickets for my wife and myself and off we went to Texas for the first design review.  The clients liked the design I was coming up with and I worked up a revision while in Texas for our second meeting there.  My wife and I enjoyed Fort Worth downtown and the Stockyards.  We took in an indoor rodeo and came home with a couple of pair of cowboy boots for my wife.  Here is a picture of a bar we had dinner in after buying the cowboy boots and before the indoor rodeo.  Click on the picture and see the full size version with the name of the beer and all the other decor.  Flavor full!