Lake Front with Multiple View Facings

Entering at the corner of this lakefront home illustrates the 45 degree orientation to the lake of the entire house. With this and the sawtooth shaped back to the house, the views are great up and down the lake. This is one of my projects worked in conjunction with American Home Gallery

From the entry, one can look to the right down the hall through the Kitchen along an axis to the lake. One can also look out through the family room and to the lake directly ahead. If all the doors are open, from this same spot one can look to the left and see through the Master Suite to the lake too. And in each of these rooms, views up and down the lake are wonderful. With this undulating facade one gets the sense of being outdoors at the lake with the peripheral vision fully engaged.

Lake Front Multiple View Facings lake-front-with-multiple-view-facings-for-great-views-02 lake-front-with-multiple-view-facings-for-great-views-03 lake-front-with-multiple-view-facings-for-great-views-05 lake-front-with-multiple-view-facings-for-great-views-06 lake-front-with-multiple-view-facings-for-great-views-08 lake-front-with-multiple-view-facings-for-great-views-09