Tony Fallon is named 2016 NHCIBOR Affiliate of the Year

On 16 June 2016 at the annual NHCIBOR picnic hosted by TF Moran and MSC Engineering, Tony Fallon was named the 2016 NHCIBOR Affiliate of the Year.  Tony has taken the monthly minutes for NHCIBOR’s Seacoast Marketing Session for the last seven years and distributes these minutes to every person who has ever attended the Seacoast Session.  This has been a sweet help to many deals with people who haven’t attended for a long time noticing opportunities in the minutes that lead to contacts and closings.  The minutes go out to a list of 500 plus monthly.  Times were tough when Tony started taking the minutes and getting even a lease for a copier was about impossible.  Tony intentionally found and amplified the humor and good will in the participants to help lighten things with levity.  The anecdotes and capturing of the good cheer are well liked.  Gerry O’Connell won the Realtor of the Year so the Irish eyes were shining in a sweep.