The Way Design

The Fountainhead epitomizes how Architecture can get to one’s head with the Architect thinking themselves god or god like independent of our Creator.  Conversely and ironically I think it vital to realize our dependence on our Creator of all of this gorgeousness that we are immersed in and part and portion of.  Computers do a lot more online and so do we when we go OnLine with or OnVine with the Root of Jesse, our Creator.  Although people can get a bit nerved up when talking of our Creator, there is also such a benefit from going OnVine and having things go and flow better that I think it vital to talk about, give credit to, and praise to our Creator.  Of course there is all the shuffling of feet about how people refer to our Creator.  For this long topic I recommend the book Crossing the Threshold of Hope by Pope John Paul II.  The founders of our nation referred to our Creator throughout the Genesis of our nation.  I’ve been playing with a four letter acronym to help people figure out how to go OnVine.  It is LLJJ or Light, Love, and Joy of Jesus.

I have some other processes when working with you and yours that help us get to where you would like to go.  At the foundation though, I try to loop in with our Creator to help with your creation.  In other words, I seek to design things with The Way in lieu of Feng Shui.

Just noticed I’m writing this on the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. where he notes our nation “under God.”