Lake Front with Chimney Window & Curved Stair in Yankee Magazine

This home for a family from Pennsylvania was designed and built quickly. I usually like to have things all lined up for construction to start just after Labor Day. We were well after that when we started design and getting things all in for the next summer was a push which we hustled through were successful with. Framing plans were sent out one floor at a time to keep up with the framers. I was working in team with Julie Fergus of American Home Gallery: juliefergus

The owners liked the final very much as did Yankee Magazine and Inc Magazine where the story of this house ran. It was also picked up by the book Retreat to Retirement by Ashley Rooney. The October 2003 Yankee article led to a number of other projects and quite a few telephone calls.

The home has an undulating facade on the lake side and a curved stair that goes around a chimney. Many lights were commissioned by artists as was a stained glass piece for a bathroom door. Partway up the stair, one can look through the chimney and back out to the lake. The owner wanted to display a rowing scull and we did so in the cathedral ceiling area of the family room. Around the Kitchen we skipped the wall cabinets and washed the counters with light and views leaving the storage to the pantry. A unique family tradition of members attending culinary school brought quite the feast out of the Kitchen at the thank you party for all the tradespeople.

One of the best comments ever was one of the owners sharing that the home was so lovingly designed that it often makes her cry a happy cry when they arrive for a stay.

Lakefront-Yankee-Magazeine-October-2003.view.from.sink Lakefront-Yankee-Magazeine-October-2003.towards.dining Lakefront-Yankee-Magazeine-October-2003.through.chimney.3 Lakefront-Yankee-Magazeine-October-2003.out.2 Lakefront-Yankee-Magazeine-October-2003.out.2_2 Lakefront-Yankee-Magazeine-October-2003.master.bed Lakefront-Yankee-Magazeine-October-2003 Lakefront-Yankee-Magazeine-October-2003.into.airlock Lakefront-Yankee-Magazeine-October-2003.hearth Lakefront-Yankee-Magazeine-October-2003.from.above.2 Lakefront-Yankee-Magazeine-October-2003.from.above.1 Lakefront-Yankee-Magazeine-October-2003.fireplace.&.chimney