Green Town Hall Strafford New Hampshire

As a resident of the Town of Strafford, New Hampshire I had been involved with looking at facility options for the town, police, and fire departments for some years.  The fruit of this was a design for a town hall on a lot that had a great view of a major landmark in town, Parker Mountain.  I designed the meeting room to have this view and otherwise made a compact design.  My code consultant thought it was so good that it would make a good prototype for other small towns in New Hampshire.  Also of note is that we brought in some green options and the voters voted to spend the additional 40 or so thousand so as to have goodly amounts of cellulose insulation, an insulated slab edge, and geothermal heating, cooling, and ventilation.  The pictures show the insulation at the slab edge, the view from the conference room, and trusses made with a raised heel to allow for lots of insulation at the eaves where traditionally there was a reduction that causes ice dams.

Green Town Hall Strafford New Hampshire green-town-hall-strafford-new-hampshire-02 green-town-hall-strafford-new-hampshire-03 green-town-hall-strafford-new-hampshire-06