Couple of cool stories from last week. For fundraisers I donate a custom pen and ink sketch oftentimes. The successful bidder for one of these caught up with me this week and told me that when his in laws saw it, they were overwhelmed and started bawling with joy. Their kids had been encouraging them to sell the house and now that they had this momento of the homestead they are ready. The house is on the market. In more standard fair Architectural Business, I learned that a church addition that I did was the third try for the church. I hadn’t heard that they had run into dead ends with two other Architects. I do credit our Creator when doing work and go online or OnVine. The Way design versus Feng Shui.  Anyways I do remember they told me that it was probably going to be a long process with all the different ministries to keep happy with this large church. Praise God, we were able to get a design they liked in two weeks. They felt it was Inspired work and that is what I hope for. Very Happy Customers still at FCCO in Ossipee, New Hampshire.